August 8, 2019
Latest company news about A WORKSHOP FOR DISC SEPARATOR

The scorching sun, broiling the yixing city --pottery capital.

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In such a burning day in August, the party secretary shen jian led the municipal and other relevant departments leaders to the construction site of the new project of Jiangsu Juneng Machinery Co., Ltd., to conduct a centralized "review" of the construction achievements of the half-year project.

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Jiangsu Juneng Machinery Co., Ltd. started the high-performance disc separator project with total investment of 630 million Yuan, covering an area of 126666 square meters. The disc separator of the project products can be widely used in high-end industries such as biopharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, oil and fat food industry, etc., which is in line with the direction of national industrial structure adjustment and has a broad market space and development prospects.

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Mu fujun, chairman of Junneg machinery, accompanied secretary Shen to the project site to observe and report the progress of the project to secretary Shen in person.


The west factory of Juneng machinery will be built into an international first-class separator production base, with 4 new standard workshops of 32000 square meters and 1 intelligent workshop of 11,000 square meters, and the 34000 square meters workshop acquired by original Lingren machinery will be transformed. The equipment purchased will be configured with the most advanced domestic CNC lathes. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 3,000 centrifuges can be formed and the annual sales volume can exceed 600 million Yuan.


At present, the comprehensive total area of Yixing south factory, north factory, west factory and Nanjing factory has reached 500,000 square meters, truly realizing the strategic goal of the largest production base of filter separator in China and leading the industry. Juneng machinery will further develop the international market, expand international business, and consolidate the third position in the industry.