Walking in the Sunshine

March 13, 2019

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The rainy days finally over. In the spring ,it's the perfect time to say go on a walk.


YIxing Bamboo Forest, as our target , is ready to play host to us. It thaks about 40 minutes for us to drive there from our factory.

We are charmed by its green and the fresh air.


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After a long jounery( to me, it is a long journey as I'm not good at sport), actually it takes one and a half hour for us to reach the top of the mountain. It is really good to feel breeze patting the mountain top, to have a bird's eye view of the whole forest. Passing through the 'Cloud-riding Portal', strolling along the 'Cloud-ring Path', commanding a fine view from 'Cloud-riding Pavilion',you would feel an indescribable sense of refreshment and accomplishment.


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In a windy day,taking the cable cars to the bottom, it is amazing to see the grand picture of engulfing waves presented by the bamboo forest. 


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Welcom to visit us,if there is enough time. We could go and see the China’s No.1 bamboo forest, to ride East China’s No. 1 cable transport system, to conquer the tallest mountain peak in southern Jiangsu province, to seek the prime source of ‘Taihu Lake’, to watch the precious species of coelenterates and to enjoy the fresh air in this natural oxygen bar.

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